iPad Prelim Painting

I fell in love with my iPad all over again. This week I used it to create a preliminary painting of an idea I wanted to do larger. It was a lot of fun using a digital format to test out colors and composition, but I figured I’d need to still try it out with actual paint.

After doing a small version on press board, I realized that it wasn’t as necessary as I thought. The composition was easy to lay out since I had already sketched it. And, it was just as easy to match colors since I had already picked them on the iPad.

One of the biggest advantages I found (about using an iPad to paint from) was the back lit screen. I would say it was so nice to work from it’s worth buying one just for that, even if you’re painting from photos. IMHO if you’re painting from a photo you took, it will feel more like you’re painting from life and not just a print.

Click to see the original iPad prelim painting.



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