Going For a Run

By November 1, 2011 iPhoneography No Comments

Man I was a little bummed when we moved our family from a city to the suburbs—I loved the scenery. It’s just a bit more difficult to find fun things to shoot. You can find shots, but you just have to look harder.

Anyways, today I went on a short jog during lunch and found myself taking pictures more then I should’ve (I really need those twenty minutes to get my heart rate up). Even though the office building I work in is right off the freeway, it’s in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, the freeway is on one side but farmlands surround the other three sides. Being in the middle of nowhere was more interesting then endless blocks of homes.

Needless to say I’ll be running more during lunch, and posting more photos from my runs!

Taken with Hipstamatic

Lens: Hornbecker

Film: AO BW

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