Creating a Book With Adobe Illustrator

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Using to setup my first children’s book was so easy, I’ve all ready started working on a second. It’ll be about a pet frog. I’ve always wanted one, but not sure I’ve ever really wanted to take care of one.

This tutorial assumes:

That you have and are somewhat familiar with Adobe Illustrator.

That you have a account, and are somewhat familiar with their service.

Anyways while working on my first book “We Like Bugs”, I figured out an extremely easy way to create the pages and prep them for Blurb.

First open Illustrator (I also used Adobe Illustrator to create the art).

Create a new document.

In the new document settings window, change the number of artboards to the number of pages in your book.

Then change the width and height to match the dimensions of your chosen format (click here to see a list of the available sizes and prices).

Click “Ok”

You should see a document like this.

If you’re familiar with Illustrator, but unfamiliar with artboards, don’t worry. Think of artboards as individual pages in your book.

Next layout all your art and text. I use 20 pt font on each page, perfect for children. This is what each artboard looked like for my first book.

When you’re finished laying out each artboard / page click “File” in the top menu, then click “Export”

You should see a save option window like the one below.

I chose PNG for the file format and checked the box “Use Artboards” and the radial button “Range”

After clicking “Export” a PNG option window will pop up.

Choose “High (300 ppi)” for the resolution. Then click “Ok”.

After clicking “Ok” each of your artboards will be exported as individual PNG files at 300 pixels per inch (perfect for print).

That’s it! All of your images are now ready to use Blurb’s online Bookify tool! Which should only take you 5 to 10 more minutes to finish.



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