Hipstamatic Disposable Mistake

By December 17, 2011 iPhoneography, Product Reviews No Comments

I love this app, and I hate it! The Synthetic Corp has a knack for creating nostalgic apps for the iPhone. They’ve created apps that mimic photo booths, dark rooms, and their most famous app Hipstamatic brings back the toy camera. All their apps have well done graphical interfaces that capture the retro heart. Frankly Hipstamatic is seriously one of the few apps I’ve purchased all the in app add ons and still have it installed on my phone. So, you can understand that when I received an email from them announcing their newest app, Disposable, I was in…and it’s free?!

So I downloaded it! At first I thought it was awesome, it has all the great design I’ve come to expect…but then I started to mess with it more, I realized why it’s called Disposable. The whole concept of this app was to recreate the Disposable camera, literally! What I mean by literally is you start using a camera in the app and it has 24 exposures…YOU CAN’T LOOK AT THE PHOTOS UNTIL YOUR DONE SHOOTING ALL 24 SHOTS! At first I thought this was going a little too far, but I admit it was kinda fun finishing the “roll”.

The second thing I realized was that the free cameras, it came with, take low res pics…600 x 600 pixels to be exact…what?! Come one, seriously?! No fear you can buy other cameras within the app, very similar to buying lens and film in Hipstamatic. But there is one difference, unlike Hipstamatic when you purchase a lens or film it’s unlocked forever, when you spend  $.99 in Disposable you buy 9 cameras with 24 exposures each. Yep that’s right, when you shoot all 216 photos you have to spend another $.99! This is just my opinion, but they are out of their nostalgic minds.

Despite how amazing the concept is they blew it with this one feature. The reason why the world is going to digital cameras and dumping the film world is for this specific reason. With digital, I can shoot as much as I want and it doesn’t cost me a thing (besides the initial purchase of the camera)! Sorry guys, I may still be purchasing lens and film packages from Hipstamatic, but I will never spend a dollar in Disposable.

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