10 Reasons Why Artists Should Use WordPress (Self Hosted)

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WordPress is awesome! It’s truly open source, meaning it’s created by a group of people just trying to make a great product. From one artist to another, this list of 10 reasons to use WordPress is my opinion. If you’re an artist and thinking about setting up a website or blog, and not sure were to start, read this first.

10. It’s open source.

There’s a lot of open source stuff out there, some of it is crap and some of it good. WordPress is the latter. One of the greatest benefits of open source is free. To illustrate the value of getting WordPress for free, to a physical object…I would say it’s like getting a brand new BMW M3 for free. Ya, it’s that good. So some may say well use Blogger it’s free…sure, but I’d compare that to getting a Honda Civic for free…still free, but not quite a BMW. Anyways, simply put WordPress out weighs it’s competition with flexibility, features and functionality.

9. It’s a website, it’s blog, it’s a portfolio, it’s a…

If you can imagine it, you can make WordPress do it. Did I mention WordPress is flexible, meaning there’s a theme for what ever you need. If you need a blog, WordPress is perfect for that. If you need a website with no blog, WordPress is good for that. If you need both, it’ll do both. Do you have a portfolio you’d like to showcase? WordPress can do that too.

8. You don’t have to be a programmer to use it.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a programmer to design you a slick looking website, don’t do it. WordPress is free and you seriously don’t have to know code…if you do know a little code, WordPress will open a whole new world to you. But seriously you don’t need to know code to launch a self hosted site. I use Bluehost for my hosting (I’ll plug them too, because I almost love them more then WordPress itself), and they offer a one click WordPress install. When it comes to blogging or adding content it’s easy. WordPress has a slick graphical back end for managing your site and blog. One of the major downsides to hiring a programmer to do your website, you’ll have to hire them again when you need to make a change….booo!

7. Boost your visibility on Google

It seems like Google loves WordPress, maybe it’s just me but right after launching a WordPress site I’ll notice a boost in Google results. WordPress frame work is light and easy for Google bots to crawl.

6. It’s kept up to date

WordPress is updated regularly. For security reasons this is really important. With each new update WordPress becomes more and more secure. Also with each update they improve the useability and functionality of it. With the latest update they improved the Admin header bar, and file uploader.

5. Support

One of the greatest benefits of using WordPress is the vast amount of support content, both from WordPress and everyone else. If you need to learn how to do something with your install, just do a simple search on Google…you’ll find the answer in no time.

4. Themes

Many artists want to create a website the reflects their style. Well, instead of spending all the time designing it yourself, or paying someone to do it for you, do a search in Google for “WordPress Themes” you’ll be shocked. There are millions of them, free and premium. Some good, some amazing, one of my favorite places to find themes is themeforest.net. Within a few minutes you can have a beautiful skin/theme over your WordPress, showcasing your awesome work.

3. Expand the functionality with plugins

If you thought their were a lot of themes for WordPress, checkout how many plugins there are…even more. From contact forms to super charging your SEO efforts, there’s a plugin for that.

2. You own it

Specifically talking about self host WordPress sites, you own it. Unlike other services even WordPress.com (where they will host your site for you), you still ultimately are at their mercy. While using a service like Blogger or WordPress.com is a little bit easier then self hosting they still control your site on some level.

1. It’s easy!

The number one reason why I’ve chosen to self host a WordPress site is it’s easy! Not much more to say, besides that…if you’ve been putting off a site because you don’t know where to start or you don’t want to pay someone…get to it! WordPress is easy and doesn’t take too much time to launch. So what are you waiting for?

Anyways this is my opinion on the amazingness of WordPress (BTW this is unsolicited too, I really do just love it),. I hope it helped shed a little more light on the subject! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

Be sure to send me links to your Art site/blog too, I’m always interested in seeing new work.

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