Everyone is an Artist

By December 27, 2011 Articles 5 Comments

I remember being in design school and having long debates with other designers on this point. Many designers believed that not everyone should be a designer. This was often brought up because they felt someone in the class should not be there. Or, that there was someone trying to get into the program, that wanted to be there, but that their skill was not at a certain level. I disagree.

I believe that not only can everyone be an artist, but that everyone is an artist. I believe this through and through, in my soul. It’s not because I went to school and learned something. It’s not because I’ve seen artistic talent in every single person living on this earth. It’s because I’ve felt it in my heart. I guess you could compare it to a belief in a particular religion. Many times you can’t explain why you know something, it’s just a feeling you have in your heart.

When I hear someone (another “artist” or “creative” person) proclaim criticism that a certain someone is not an artist or shouldn’t try to become an artist, it puts a nasty pit in my stomach. To me, that is a type of elitism. Often this seems rooted in someone feeling as though they were born with a natural gift, or that they had “succeeded” as artist. They feel a sense of entitlement, to pass judgement on who should and shouldn’t create. Why? Why should that thought even exist…in anyone?

It’s in our nature to create. It’s our very nature to create life. We are each born with minds, minds that spawn thoughts, thoughts that generate change, and change that organizes things into existence.

No one should ever pass final judgement on another. Those that are religious would believe final judgement is reserved for only one being.

So instead of saying “You can never be as good as that person” say “Keep working”, or “Wow, you’ve come along way”?

And for those that have been told “You can’t do it”, simply reply “Who are you, to tell me I can’t!”


  • I really, really love this! So true and eloquently stated. As someone who used to avoid art like the plague (because I suck) and now manages to actually sell art, it really resonated with me.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks Angie! I’ve checked out some of your work, it really is great!

      Hey, and thanks for leaving a comment way over here! It’s funny how something so small can brighten your day (you mean someone actually read something I wrote, and took time to leave a comment) 😉 haha, thanks again Angie!

      • Your comment made me smile. You know, one of those really sincere smiles when you can’t help but feel it in your heart too.

        I have to admit that I don’t comment on blogs as often as I should, especially given how many I read. But, I really want you to keep remembering that what you are doing here — it will be successful. I just know it.

        • Rob says:

          Awe, thanks Angie! This site has been way different then the 100 others I’ve started. I think because I just have so much more passion for it. And it really kinda acts like a release for me.

          I don’t know maybe I’m crazy, it’s just way fun. Even if it never really gets a crazy following, I just love doing it for myself.

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