SPAM Sucks! How Much of YOUR Life is SPAM?

By January 2, 2012 Articles 3 Comments

If you’ve ever managed a WordPress blog you can feel where I’m coming from. Even if you don’t have a WordPress blog I’m sure you can relate with email.

It’ll come in spurts. I won’t get any spam comments for a couple days, then BAM! 20 comments outa nowhere! Sometimes I’ll read a few, just to add a little humor to my day. Ultimately the thought always runs through my head, “why did anyone spend even two seconds developing a spam script to do this?”

It seriously doesn’t make any sense to me.

Just last night as I was deleting all the spam I received, another thought went through my head. I wondered how much of my own spent effort could be compared to SPAM!

What do I spend time doing that is…

Mindless, robot-like motions.

Sometimes driving in my car is one of the few places I get to think, but everyday I make the same commute back and forth from work. I can honestly say that most of those drives aren’t productive. Typically my brain is simply just checked out.

Wasting other people’s time.

We’ve all been in a conversation that is “one-sided”, you know what I’m talking about. It’s where the other person thinks you’re into the topic, but you aren’t, and they just keep talking. Well not only have you been in one, but I’m sure we’ve all been the guilty party a few times.

Could be better spent doing something more important.

I can always go for a good round of Angry Birds…I’ll just stop there. Entertainment is fun, but it can easily become a way to escape reality.

Feels productive, but really isn’t.

How often do you check your email? I know I get in the habit of checking it even though I know there’s nothing worth reading.

With limited time during the day, my goal is to always eliminate as much of this junk as possible. Just like spam in your inbox, wasted time can fill your day. This year I’ll be aiming to plan each day a little more carefully.

What’s your solution to be more productive?


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