Mmmmm, Mmmmm My Wife is Cooking

By January 3, 2012 Articles 2 Comments

My wife has her food blog up! Yes, what you are hearing is angels singing.

Usually I don’t sponsor anything unless I believe in it/love it. So you may be wondering why I’m sponsoring a vegan blog, you heard me right…a vegan blog. We’re both not what most people would consider a true vegan. I guess because when you hear the word “vegan” you might think of someone who religiously believes you shouldn’t kill anything. That’s not us. For starters I still need my slab of ribs once in a while, but she has convinced me of the health benefits.

Believe me, she hasn’t brainwashed me either.

I really do feel differently since we’ve been cutting back on meats and diary. I’m less tired, and have more energy. I’ve also been losing a little weight.

Anyways, vegan is really besides the point. The recipes she posts on her site have been taste tested by us. I can honestly say I’ve loved everything she’s posted so far.

When you have a free moment you ought to check out Teryn’s vegan food blog at

BTW, let her know how much you love the photos…I help with that 🙂


  • We working on eating less meat and animal products. We briefly threw around terms like vegan when deciding how to make big changes in our eating, but I definitely don’t think we’re ready for it yet. My eldest sister and a couple of her children are vegan (and then one of the kids is vegetarian) and then the rest are meat obsessed. It’s kind of a funny scene when eating with them all.

    • Rob says:

      Ha, I bet it is funny.
      I’m actually meat obsessed…it just tastes so good. But, I really have seen a difference in limiting it, so it’s not too hard to go without it for a while.

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